my favorite thing

My favorite thing Is my bed. when I wake up in the morning I’m there and when I go to sleep. I make my bed. I watch Netflix in my bed. your bed can be anything to the floor for my cat, outside for the birds. sometimes you even make beds some are wooden some frames some are metal but they all serve one ourpes being a place to sleepNobuo in 2014 Stuart Rankin via Compfight

MY blog for 20%

What goals did you accomplish this week?  I accomplished giving my speech this week

How are you feeling about your project so far? I feel good about my speech so far

What problems did you run into? I ran into a argument between me and my partner

How are you going to fix those problems? I took a break and calmed off he did too


Part 2: Create a deadline for each of the following dates.


1/27 Finish timeline
2/10 Have a topic  for are and youtube video
2/24 Complete 1st page  

on website

3/10 Have a script for are video
3/24 To film are first youtube video
4/7 To have editing done on are video
4/21 Publish youtube video
5/5 Make a second page on our website
5/19 Have website finished


blog for ela

Skater meeting Orlando Imperatore via Compfight1. What have you accomplished this week? Explain.  i have started my elevator pitch.
2. How are you feeling about your project this far? i feel good about it it is going smooth
3. Have you met with your mentor yet? What did you guys discuss? i have not yet but this weekend we are going to meet
If not, when do you plan on meeting with them? If you do not have a meeting set up, how are you going to go about setting one up?
4. What are your plans to achieve your goal for next Friday have a topic

What i accomplished

I found out I didn’t have a passion for what I was doing before. I am now doing a project that informs people on things they do that are bad for you. I’m getting the research down in a doc. I’m soon going to be making a website for it and finding ways to advertise. Like making poster or a video. Finding out if i really wanted to leave my group was a big one but i diced to. I also ran into the problem of how i’m going to be in touch with my partner. I’m going to overcome by assigning work to each other.

Caring commuinty

The pros are you can make people smile and you get a good feeling. Cons are you do have to give up some old things but in the end its pretty cool. We used to do this thing when we would get bags full of toys. We donate to this place called Ronald McDonald house. Its a charity that helps sick kids and give them tenement. It gives there family a place to. What is crazy is it cost a lot of money to get people there but they do it for a cheap price. It takes a he burden of there shoulders.


Daily routine time

Vintage Zobo alarm clock H is for Home viaNo Carrie 02751 Omar Bárcena via Compfight Compfight heres Austin’s blog

Well my day starts with the debate on how we’re going to school once that’s done I go to school. The doors open at 7:00 but when i ride the bus i get here about 7:15. I head to the gym the 6th graders and 8th graders go there. I sit with my best fiends Camden here’s Camden’s blog, Austin, and Cameron (sometimes are friends Zachary, Gavin, and pyper). Then at 7:28 i go to class i have science, social studies, careers, technology, advisory, language arts, pbl (project based learning) and math we leave at 2:35. the band kids get their instruments at 2:30.

We change unified arts every 7 weeks that’s when we change terms. the school year lasts 175 and 180 days. we have a few off days in school. we changes class 6 times a day with 3 locker brakes a day. We have to get are stuff for 1 and 2 period during the morning then 3 and 4 then 5 6 7 well that’s what i do.

Tennessee tumble

check this out to go on Vacation check this out if your thinking about moving here  this is a cabin rental there by the lake side

A Moment of PeaceCreative Commons License Chad Sparkes via Compfight

My family went to Tennessee for a vacation last summer.We drove and it was fun but that’s not the point.

This is the story i fell off a cliff. It started out fine it was are third day there and we staying at a friends house. We went boating and came across a cliff where people were jumping. So me and my sister went up and wanted to jump so we went up and there was a rope ladder to get up so that’s one red flag and you had to swim over to the actual cliff.So we climbed up the ladder.

We went up about 20 feet high and we were moving closer to the edge.More people were climbing up and there was a lot. we jumped and climbed up again so it was a slow process. there was a little kid who looked 5 years old. we waited in line and this kid was pushing his sister closer to the edge.He stopped and backed up.

It was are turn to jump and this kid had the nerve to pull up the rope ladder. We went to jump and this kid pushed me. My sister picked him up and threw him off  the edge. his sister yelled at her.We apologize and that was it there parents also ground the kid so that was a plus.We put down the ladder and swam back to are boat and headed home.


You need to be prepared for all emergency. Most families are prepared. You need a plan were to go if there’s a fire. You need a first aid kit. This should have a flash light. It should also have some bandages and a safety blanket and a charged cell phone with service so you can call some one.First Aid KitCreative Commons License Jeff Djevdet via Compfight

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